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Teen Substance Use Prevention Education -- "HEADS UP"

Posted on February 22, 2013 at 2:27 AM Comments comments (307)

Now offering Substance Use Prevention Education! 

Coming in March- A ten (10) week educational program designed to increase effective action and manage psychological distress relating to substance use. Participants will learn information and develop new skills through a combination of educational presentations and therapeutic group activities. At the start of the program, each participant will identify their personal goal relating to substance use prevention and develop an individualized plan to meet their objectives throughout the sessions. This open group will naturally serve as a peer support circle which addresses common struggles while generating healthy solutions to the problems young people are facing. 

Heads Up: Real News About 
Drugs and Your Body
Session 1: Monday, March 11, 4-6pm 
Drug Addiction is a Disease: Why the Teen Brain is Vulnerable
Session 2: Monday, March 18, 4-6pm 
Controlled Substances Act & Drug Classifications: Narcotics, Stimulants, Depressants, Hallucinogens, Steroids, Inhalants, and Other Drugs of Concern  

Session 3: Monday, March 25, 4-6pm 
Alcohol: The Sobering Facts

Session 4: Monday, April 1, 4-6pm 
The Myth of “Medical Marijuana” & The Truth about Amendment 64

Session 5: Monday, April 8, 4-6pm 
Straight Talk on Prescription Drugs & A Look into the Face of Meth   

Session 6: Monday, April 15, 4-6pm 
Sleep, Exercise, Food, and Drink: Does Red Bull Really Give Me Wings?

Session 7: Monday, April 22, 4-6pm 
Beyond Scared Straight: The Cold Hard Truth about the Juvenile Justice System

Session 8: Monday, April 29, 4-6pm 
The Secret to Teen Power: Money, Relationships, Health, You, and Life 

Session 9: Monday, May 6, 4-6pm  
Facts into Action: Teens and Decision Making

Session 10: Monday, May 13, 4-6pm 
Vision Boards: Retrain Your Brain to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

Teocalli Treatment Options, LLC

Posted on January 26, 2013 at 12:36 AM Comments comments (391)
Hello everyone and welcome to the blog site for Teocalli Treatment Options, LLC! 
I will be sharing updates about the services I provide and posting other relevant information about my practice.   

The Division of Behavioral Health (DBH) is currently reviewing my Treatment License Application to provide Level I & II DUI Services in The Gunnison Valley. I look forward to their approval in the coming weeks! 

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